The beginning of a journey…

I am a story lover.  Since childhood, I have travelled into every possible world you can imagine through books, movies, music, or my own imagination.  I have always enjoyed creating stories and worlds in my head.  All attempts to get them on paper, however, have been thwarted by one interruption after another.  In other words, life happens.  While most of those interruptions have been very welcome, in the end, it meant the stories stayed unwritten.  After several years of procrastination, marriage, two children, and a full-time job, I have finally decided to try again.

Well, that is not entirely accurate.  I feel I have no choice but to try again.  The characters and stories are tired of living in my cramped little brain with no room to move or grow.  They are screaming to be let out so they can live full lives of their own.  It is now time to put all those creative writing classes to good use and release them into the world.  Maybe they will find the world a more fun place to reside and stop waking me in the night or wreaking havoc on my already overtaxed attention span.

Having made that decision, I must now determine where I will find the time to build their escape route.  Despite my desire to get my stories on paper, my time is still filled with the many joys my life has brought me.  As a working wife and mother with many hobbies, my days are full already.  It is my hope that this blog will serve to document and share my journey as I learn to juggle time and become a published writer.

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3 Responses to The beginning of a journey…

  1. Good luck Cassandra! You’ll make the time. My best time is getting up early, even though I am soooooo not a morning person!

    • I’ve tried that several times but never had success. For some reason late at night, after everything has settled, seems to work for me. I pop in some music and the story just seems to flow out. I find it fascinating how each person’s creative trigger is so different.

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