As I sit here in the airport, waiting for my son’s once again delayed flight, I find myself thinking of anticipation and disappointment. Life is so full of both. Every day you have anticipated some event, or been disappointed by something or someone. I am determined that my writing career will not be one of my disappointments.

I have been giving my novel a serious effort in the last few weeks, making sure I work on it daily. Even if I am only thinking of the path it will take and not actually writing. I am anticipating the fulfilling feeling of completing a 120,000 word novel for the first time. However, with so many false starts and incomplete stories behind me, I can’t help but dread the disappointment that will surely come if I fail. So, I have decided not to.

It has been my experience in life that just about anything can be accomplished if one makes it a priority and gives it the time it deserves. Staying up the extra 15 minutes every night is worth it when I see the end result. Each day, when I read over what I wrote the night before, I am encouraged by the characters and story unfolding before me. The fire is stoked for one more day.

So, with poker in hand, I shall return to my laptop again tomorrow, ready for my daily dose of encouragement.

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3 Responses to Anticipation

  1. Hi Cassandra, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed this post. Writing is hard, Period. When you are born to write you can’t stop thinking about it even if you aren’t putting words on a page. It pulls at you, doesn’t it? There are ups and downs and times when you think what you’re writing is crap and then there are times when you feel like the most brilliant person in the world. Right now I’m in crapville. LOL But I know I’ll get out if I just keep going. I hope I’m not overstepping here but there are two books that have helped me on my journey with their inspiring words and they might help you too. Page by Page by Heather Sellers and her other book Chapter by Chapter are wonderful because of the humor and all round great ways she discusses what it REALLY means to be a writer. Great tips and exercises to do. Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path by Nancy Pickard and Lynn Lott is another good one too because it explains why we we feel the way we do about our writing. Most of all, I want you to know you aren’t on this crazy journey alone. Have a great weekend!

    • It’s a bit like riding a roller coaster and I’m at the top of the hill at the moment. Thanks so much for the support and the recommendations. I won’t be able to get to the books until December, but I’ll definitely check them out. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

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