Finished with NaNoWriMo

My first real attempt at NaNoWriMo is over. Surprisingly, it was not the disastrous affair I thought it would be. My goal was 50,000 words or more. Actual word count: 43,291

Am I disappointed? Absolutely not.

I actually completed a lot more than I thought I would. As a bonus, I extended myself into a genre that I love to read but have never attempted to write in.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t all fun and games. Writing is hard work. And for what? I mean, who could possibly want to read the crap dribbling from my head? Some days I just stared at the closed lid of my laptop and wondered what the hell I was thinking. Fortunately, I told my mind to go rot and pressed on.

Considering my normal writing pace only nets me about 12,000 words a month, I’m pretty happy with what I have. Now I only have 30,000 to go and my first draft is complete. So, despite the stress NaNoWriMo added to the month of November, I find that I am grateful because I am one step closer to my goal.

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6 Responses to Finished with NaNoWriMo

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  2. brwesterberg says:

    Congrats! Being a step closer to your goal is exactly the point, I think.

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  4. Congrats! *waving pom-poms*

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