Scroogin’ it

White Christmas, 1995 re-release CD album cover

White Christmas, 1995 re-release CD album cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we are, a week before Thanksgiving, and I am cursing every time I hear the radio.  Why is it necessary to play Christmas music 24/7 before we’ve even passed Thanksgiving?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas music.  Especially the old stuff.  Something about Old Blue Eyes, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin crooning my favorite Christmas songs gets me every time.  I just think we should actually be in the vicinity of Christmas before we start playing it.

It isn’t just the music, either.  Christmas permeates everything from October on.    I’m not even sure why we have Thanksgiving anymore.  It’s just a pregame show for Christmas.  Well, there is the great food and the marathon of football games.  But the advertisements take over the TV, not to mention my mailbox.  The water cooler talk has changed from who’s going to win the latest reality show to where the best deals in town are.  Where and when are you shopping on Black Friday?  Are you getting up early or just not going to bed?

Really, people?  The only thing I can think about the day after Thanksgiving is how I’m going to roll my over-stuffed butt out of bed and make coffee.

At 10:ooam.

I guess what I’m getting at is, can we just slow this down?  Time goes fast enough as it is.  I really don’t want to hurry it along.  Can we just enjoy one holiday at a time?

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