Old Man Winter Blows

Winter is the bane of my existence. I know, I know. I’m living in the wrong place to have the right to complain, but anyone would be fed up with winter after months of shoveling, snow blowing, windshield scraping, and firewood hauling. Oh, and don’t forget the constant dripping noise coming from the kitchen because we’re under a run water advisory. So much for not wasting finite resources. If all that wasn’t enough, surely house breaking a puppy in below zero temps would push any sane person over the edge.

Suffice it to say, I am hating Old Man Winter right now.

For me, the other downfall of winter is the lack of people-watching opportunities. I love getting character and story ideas from the people around me, but it’s definitely not a winter time activity. It is not easy to observe people unobtrusively when it’s 13 below. They tend to look at you funny when you sit in the snow, teeth chattering and hands shaking, while you stare at them. People-watching is a lot easier when the sun is shining, it’s warm enough for shorts, and your hands aren’t trembling as you scribble madly in a notebook-and your teeth aren’t clacking together like one of those motorized toys.

I am really looking forward to summer and a little creative surveillance. That, and a puppy that doesn’t run back to the door after thirty seconds in the snow. In the mean time, I’ll console myself with the knowledge that, on good days, I get awesome views like the one above as I drive to work.

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