Playlist for Black Friday

While the shoppers are pushing each other down and screaming obscentities at each other, I kept my cool with this playlist and a little writing.

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This Week’s Playlist

Trying hard to avoid Christmas music this week, as you can tell by my previous post.

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Scroogin’ it

White Christmas, 1995 re-release CD album cover

White Christmas, 1995 re-release CD album cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we are, a week before Thanksgiving, and I am cursing every time I hear the radio.  Why is it necessary to play Christmas music 24/7 before we’ve even passed Thanksgiving?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas music.  Especially the old stuff.  Something about Old Blue Eyes, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin crooning my favorite Christmas songs gets me every time.  I just think we should actually be in the vicinity of Christmas before we start playing it.

It isn’t just the music, either.  Christmas permeates everything from October on.    I’m not even sure why we have Thanksgiving anymore.  It’s just a pregame show for Christmas.  Well, there is the great food and the marathon of football games.  But the advertisements take over the TV, not to mention my mailbox.  The water cooler talk has changed from who’s going to win the latest reality show to where the best deals in town are.  Where and when are you shopping on Black Friday?  Are you getting up early or just not going to bed?

Really, people?  The only thing I can think about the day after Thanksgiving is how I’m going to roll my over-stuffed butt out of bed and make coffee.

At 10:ooam.

I guess what I’m getting at is, can we just slow this down?  Time goes fast enough as it is.  I really don’t want to hurry it along.  Can we just enjoy one holiday at a time?

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Time is a bitch…

…and she’s leather clad and cracking her whip.

Whacked imagery, I know, but that’s how I feel right now.  Just be thankful I didn’t post a corresponding picture.

What is it about the passing of time that makes us all so crazy?  It’s not like we don’t all know we’re getting older and going to die someday.  Even control freaks like me know that you can’t stop time.  Usually I can ignore the ticking of the clock I hear in the background of my life.  I plug my ears and allow the busyness of life to drown it out.  These last couple of weeks, however, it’s been a little hard.  Nothing bad has happened.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I suppose what set this off was that I recently reconnected with some old friends and just got to thinking.

Do you ever stop to look back at your life and wonder where it all went? One day you’re graduating and ready to conquer the world; or standing at an altar with someone, knowing this is the person you’ll grow old with; or you’re looking into the eyes of your newborn child, imagining all the things you’ll teach them; then, in the blink of an eye, you’re looking back on a lifetime of memories, wondering how in the hell you got where you are.

I think what bothers me most about the passing of time is that there are still so many things I want to do in my life, so much left to accomplish, and I feel like I’m running out of time to do them.  Books to publish, places to visit, people to see.  Yes, the notorious “Bucket List”.  Yet, I wonder, when did life become more about reality and less about possibilities?  When did the endless parade of bills and obligations become more important than everything else? Surely there was a moment in my life when the scales tipped, but I can’t think of when that moment was.  And maybe it doesn’t really matter.

I have goals that I want to achieve.  I’m surrounded by family and friends that support those goals.  Possibilities are still abound.  They may be hiding, but they are there. I just have to look past the realities to see them.  So here I sit, trying to hold time at bay, attempting to strike out one more item on my “Bucket List”.

Time may look better in leather pants than I do, but the next time she cracks her whip at me, I might just give her the bird.  I still have some memories to make.

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Today’s Playlist

The range of musical genres varied widely today, probably due to the vastly different scenes I was working on.  You can check out the rest on my music page, Pandora’s Box.


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Pandora’s Box

I started a new page in order to share some of the music I have found most inspirational recently.  I included a copy below, but it will change frequently so feel free to stop in occasionally to see an updated list.

Musical inspiration brought to me by Pandora.

Music figures heavily into my creative process.  It blocks out distractions so I can concentrate on writing and creating.  It also helps in setting a tone to my creativity.  Modern music works well with contemporary stories, but for fantasy, it just doesn’t work as well.  I love using Pandora because no matter what mood I’m trying to create, I can support it musically.  My tastes are rather varied and eclectic, so don’t be surprised if you raise your eyebrows a time or two at songs that show up on my lists.  If you like anything on the list or would like to make a recommendation, please feel free to comment.

I’ll link to Amazon MP3’s (not always the greatest) if you want a taste of what they sound like.  Sometimes iTunes is a better source, if you have access to the store.


  • Fade Into You by Mazzy Star, Album: So Tonight That I Might See
  • Arise by E. S. Posthumus, Album: Makara – This is my favorite artist to use when writing fantasy.  The sweeping sounds fit perfectly with movie style scenes.
  • Imagine Dragons Album: Continued Silence – 4 songs have been a staple the last couple of months  Radioactive   Demons   Round and Round   It’s Time
  • Madness  by Muse, Album: The Second Law


  • Them Shoes by Patrick Sweany, Album: Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone
  • Final Russian by Talkdemonic, Album: Mutiny Sunshine
  • House of Cards by Audiomachine, Album: Chronicles – This whole album is really great when I’m writing in the fantasy genre.
  • We Swarm by The Glitch Mob, Album: Drink The Sea – This one is great to have in the background when I’m really trying to up my word count, as long as the scene has some action in it.  I have to say, I like most of the songs on this album.
  • Angel by Massive Attack, Album: Mezzanine – This song is a little slower, and while it has lyrics, it still works when I’m writing fantasy.  Again, a favorite artist.
  • Ghostwriter by RJD2, Album: Deadringer – As you can tell, I like it funky.
  • 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps, Album: Becoming X – Nice, steady beat; kinda funky, which I like.
  • Arizona by Kings of Leon, Album: Because of the Times – I like pretty much anything by this group.  Doesn’t matter what genre I’m working on, Kings of Leon will be playing at some point.
  • Never Mess With Sunday by Yppah, Album: Eighty One – Upbeat, a little funky but no lyrics; Good for helping me add to my word count quickly.
  • Edge of the Ocean by Ivy, Album: Long Distance – While I usually don’t like lyrics when I’m working on an epic fantasy, this one is great to write to.
  • Royksopp Forever by Royksopp, Album: Junior – This one is a favorite and can work in multiple genres. I haven’t heard any other songs by this artist that I particularly like, but something about this one just speaks to me
  • Adagio for Tron by Daft Punk, Album: Tron Legacy – Adagio is good no matter what version it is.  This one is a slower version and works with emotional scenes.
  • Last Days by Max Richter, Album: Memoryhouse – Not liking much else on this album, but there is something about this song that gets the synapses firing and my fingers moving.
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Cobwebs, be gone

Summer is over and it’s time to brush away the cobwebs.

As a kid, summer meant tire swings, climbing trees, playing with snakes, going to the beach, and family vacations. Of course, the beach trip meant fighting off jellyfish or staying out of the water, and family vacations meant road trips that lasted for days. Books always accompanied me during these adventures.

The warm days and late nights filled with gardening, reading, and family activities have come to a close. School is back in session and summer is officially over. It is now time to put all the books away and work on my own.

It also means that NaNoWriMo is here. I’m normally a pantser, meaning I don’t really go into NaNo with much more than an idea. I haven’t been very successful with that approach so this year I have every intention of being a plotter. I have a story idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. My outline is done and my character sketches are complete. So this year, I will walk into NaNo fully prepared.

Here’s to a successful November. I just have to manage not to pick up an interesting book.


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